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Farewell to Stella&Dot - you taught me everything I needed to know


Farewell to Stella&Dot - you taught me everything I needed to know

Barbara Graham

I write this post with a heavy heart as this week I received the sad news that Stella&Dot, the fabulous jewellery company I have had the pleasure to be a part of for the last 5 years is pulling out of the European Market as of April this year.


The company had been making a loss in Europe for the last couple of years, and with Brexit and other economic uncertainties looming in the next few months, it unfortunately isn’t viable for them to continue trading here. 


While I stepped back from the business last summer, I have continued as a stylist and am still very much in touch with all the dear friends I made, many of them are hugely effected by this change and are mourning the loss of their business that has meant so much to them, not just financially but on a deeply personal level as well.


I will remain forever grateful for the incredible education I have had through being a Stella&Dot stylist.  When I started selling jewellery shortly after leaving art college many people were surprised and wondered why I wasn’t choosing to focus on my art.  Looking back I know it was the right decision as I had no idea about running a business, managing my accounts, looking after customers, shipping, publicity and all the other factors that are involved in the day to day management of even the smallest of retail enterprises.  I had a baby girl to support, and waiting for a major gallery to ‘discover’ my work and make all my financial worries go away was not realistic.  By getting on board with Stella&Dot, I had all the logistics taken care of for me, plus I received support and training from some of the brightest and bravest people I will ever meet – many of whom will remain my lifelong friends.  I had to be brave too.  Many times I struggled and had to dig incredibly deep to overcome my fears and personal limitations to achieve my goals.  Over the course of time I grew in confidence and wisdom until finally last summer, I felt ready to turn those skills back to my original calling as an artist. 


If it weren’t for Stella&Dot, I would never have had the courage to leave my TV career in London and move to beautiful Winchester.  If it weren’t for Stella&Dot I would never have had the courage to run my own business and be my own boss.  If it weren’t for Stella&Dot, I would never have realised I had the ability to inspire and encourage so many other people set big goals and aim for their own paths to fulfilling their own dreams.


The journey is not over for my Stella&Dot sisters, who even as I write this are making plans for the next exciting step in the journey ahead.  They are made of strong stuff and this is merely a bump in the road on a trajectory that will continue upwards to incredible things.  Wishing you all the best of luck. 


Stay gorgeous, and thank you.